Steve Moore

I have been drawing since I was a child, and started tattooing in May 1993. Artwork has always been my means of connecting and communicating with the world around me. It is less of a choice and more of an obsession.

We are a culmination of our experiences . . . I am thankful for mine.
I have worked with, and on a lot of great people and every one of them have helped me develop as an artist.

I would like to acknowledge Psycho Dave, who saw something in my early work and gave me the opportunity to come down to Way Cool Tattoos in Toronto, where he introduced me to the late Crazy Ace who gave me my apprenticeship and first shop experience. From there I moved out west to Whistler, where I had the chance to work with Aaron Cain, who is by far my greatest mentor. His drive, excitement, skill and knowledge still motivate me.

I am grateful to all my teachers for sharing their knowledge with me and to all the people who trusted me to mark them in such a permanent way.

Thank you